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Lamp, Ballast, Battery, Mercury and Electronics Recycling

Lamp Recycling Has Never Been Easier!

With RecyclePak®, lamp recycling is easy....and so is recycling ballast, batteries, mercury, and electronics. One price includes everything you need to recycle including shipping to and from your facility, packaging, recycling and written compliance documentation. How easy is that?


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The latest news surrounding fluorescent lamp, ballast, battery, e-waste and mercury recycling.

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Managers Have Reasons to Consider Lamp Recycling.

Finding a recycling firm is fairly straightforward. The lamp recycling industry in the United States is established, growing and has the capacity to recycle all the lamps in U.S.

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What are The Best Lamp Recycling Options for Me?

For all the energy fluorescent lights save, they come with a little string attached. At the end of their lives, the lamps can have a serious but often overlooked impact on the environment.

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EPA Revises Cleanup Standards for Broken Fluorescent Lamps.

To minimize exposure to mercury vapor from broken fluorescent lamps, EPA recommends that residents follow the cleanup and disposal steps described below.

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Lamp and Ballast Recycling: Completing the Cycle.

Recycling and disposal requirements stretch well beyond basic lamps and can apply to a wide variety of products that IMARK Group members regularly stock on their shelves.

Read More


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