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The Veolia West Bridgewater, Massachusetts facility is an Electronics Recycling Group location. The facility specializes in recycling of a variety of lighting and electronic waste. Veolia utilizes state of the art recycling technologies to recover and re-use a wide variety of valuable materials. The West Bridgewater facility performs 100% recycling of fluorescent and HID lamps. Veolia de-manufactures these mercury-containing lamps, reclaiming the glass, metal, phosphor powder and mercury. The four lamp components are sold as product from the West Bridgewater facility. Veolia also reclaims mercury from other devices such as thermometers, thermostats, barometers, etc. Veolia operates its lamp recycling and mercury reclamation processes under a "Class C" Commercial Recycling Permit issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP). Veolia  operates its PCB ballast recycling operations under a PCB Commercial Storage Permit and an Alternative Decontaminations and Sampling Plan (40 CFR 761.79(h)) approved by the USEPA.

Veolia de-manufactures PCB and DEHP ballasts in a controlled environment, producing clean components of metal casing and copper, which are sold for recycling. Veolia ships capacitors and potting compound removed from PCB lamp ballasts to a USEPA-approved incinerator or secure chemical landfill, depending upon customer requirements. Veolia recycles DEHP capacitors in accordance with all applicable state and federal regulations. Veolia is authorized by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to receive all types of batteries as a universal waste. After receiving, batteries are identified, sorted, or re-packaged for shipment to off-site reclamation facilities. Types of batteries, which are recycled include Alkaline, Mercury, Carbon Zinc, Nickel Cadmium and Lead Acid/Gel Cell.

Veolia also receives cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and computer equipment for recycling.



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Lighting and Electronics Recycling
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