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Analysis: LED Lighting Opportunities in Smart City Growth

Posted 11-23-2020

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, 2020 Annual Update of Global LED Lighting Market, finds that the increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting, the rising number of smart city projects, and overall infrastructure development are driving the LED lighting market across the globe. More »

Storage Capacity for Second Life Batteries Expected To Increase Through 2030

Posted 11-23-2020

A report from Guidehouse Insights examines key market trends and policies for second life battery (2LB) technologies, appropriate applications for these technologies, and an overview of the battery reuse and recycling process. More »

Experiment Uses Smart Lighting to Measure Streetlight Emissions

Posted 11-23-2020

When satellites take pictures of Earth at night, how much of the light that they see comes from streetlights? A team of scientists from Germany, the USA, and Ireland have answered this question for the first time, thanks to “smart city” lighting technology that allows cities to dim their lights. More »

Big Changes Make For Bigger Opportunities

Posted 11-23-2020

Beginning January 1, 2021, the new electronics recycling regulations in Canada’s most populous province will come into force. These regulations, which passed in September 2020 under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA), mark a major shift in the regulatory landscape for electronic waste in the province of Ontario. More »

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