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Global E-Scrap Recycling Rate Has Stagnated, Study Finds

Posted 07-21-2020

A United Nations report estimates that 17.4% of e-scrap generated globally was recycled in 2019, well short of a goal of 30% by 2023. More »

Tracking the Future of US Recycling Policy in Congress

Posted 07-21-2020

Depending on how this unfolds, dramatic shifts could be coming for federal recycling policy in the years ahead. More »

New DOE Study Examines LED Reliability

Posted 07-21-2020

If current trends in research and development continue, LED lighting is projected to save 4.8 quads of energy annually by 2035. More »

New California Regulation Could Jump-Start Solar Panel Recycling Sector

Posted 07-21-2020

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is poised to classify solar panels as a subset of hazardous waste known as universal waste – a change that, legal experts say, makes recycling the panels easier in several ways. More »

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