Lamps, Ballast and Lighting Components Recycling

The challenge as we see it

Lamps, ballast and lighting components usually contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or other harmful materials — all of which are considered toxic and hazardous to human health and the environment. The federal government and all 50 states have enacted rules and regulations to address the proper management of these materials. Failure to manage these items in accordance with regulations may put you and your company at risk as well as endangering public health.

Our differentiated value

We are one of the largest commercial recyclers of lamps and ballast in the world and work with a broad range of customers to offer environmentally-compliant recycling coast-to-coast and across North America

From onsite pick-up to final recycling, treatment or disposal, we are a leader in lamp, ballast and lighting component recycling. 

  • Five fully-permitted recycling facilities across North America
  • Two RCRA Part B permitted facilities
  • ​TSCA Permitted PCB (PCB Commercial Storer) permitted facility in Phoenix, AZ
  • ISO14001/OHSAS-18001 certifications in Phoenix, AZ
  • ​Solutions for large and small quantities of lamps, ballast and lighting components
  • Company-owned processing equipment, retort ovens and distillation equipment
  • Company-owned nationwide transportation and logistics capabilities
  • Audited and approved 3rd party transportation network
  • Audited and approved downstream processing vendors
  • ​Dedicated account and customer service representatives
  • ​Documented packaging guidelines
  • Customized reporting capabilities

Our solutions for recycling lamps, ballast and lighting components

We can tailor a recycling program to fit your needs. Whether you have small volumes resulting from spot maintenance or larger volumes as a result of re-lamp or retrofit projects, we have a solution for you.

We recycle the following variety of lamps and ballast: Broken or crushed lamps; compact, u-shape and circular fluorescent lamps; electronic ballast; high intensity discharge (HID) lamps; LED lamps; neon lamps; PCB and non-PCB lamp ballast; shatterproof and other specialty lamps; and straight fluorescent lamps. 
Our solutions make recycling lamps, ballast and lighting components easy. We handle every step of the process to ensure compliance​.

Recycling designed to fit your needs: We have developed recycling solutions for large and small quantities of fluorescent lamps and ballast. Our turnkey recycling programs include packaging, transportation, tracking documents, waste processing, and written documentation that details what materials were recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.

Packaging & transportation: We provide you with a variety of boxes, drums and pails to store your waste and offer an unmatched fleet of semi-trailers, box vans and approved third party transporters to ship your waste to one of our five fully-permitted recycling facilities.

On-time pick up: When we promise a pick up, we adhere to that promise. Once arrangements are made, you can count on us to be there on time.

Processing, recovery and disposal: Once received, our trained technicians will record your waste materials shipped to us and prepare for processing. Fluorescent lamps are separated into glass, aluminum and mercury contaminated phosphor powder. Mercury contaminated phosphor powder is processed internally, recovering elemental mercury. PCB ballasts are consolidated in bulk and shipped for incineration or disposal, while non-PCB lamp ballasts are dismantled and shipped for metals recovery.

Documented compliance: Once received and recycled or disposed of properly, we'll issue a certificate, documenting your lamps, ballast and lighting components were received and managed in accordance with all regulations.

How and why, at a glance

Recycling reduces the potential for future liability as most lighting waste is regulated by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA),the Superfund liability laws and the Universal Waste Rule.

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