Large Quantity Recycling Programs

The challenge as we see it

Compliant large quantity recycling and disposal of hazardous and regulated waste can be inconvenient and stressful process


Our differentiated value

We have developed recycling solutions for large quanities of lighting and electronic waste. Our turnkey recycling programs include packaging, transportation, tracking documents, waste processing, and written documentation that details what materials were recycled in accordance with environmental regulations.

Our award winning programs have been used by thousands of companies across the country. 

  • Available to purchase securely online or from a nationwide network of resellers
  • ​Over 70 containers to choose from
  • Available for a wide variety of wastes
  • Customer friendly terms and conditions
  • UN/DOT approved shipping containers when appropriate
  • Dedicated full-service distribution and customer service center
  • (5) Five fully-permitted recycling facilities across North America
  • ​Documented packaging guidelines
  • ​Customized reporting capabilities

Our large quantity recycling programs

In addition to small quantity recycling and disposal programs, Veolia offers customers a variety of cost-effective solutions for large quantities of lighting and electronic waste. Our large quantity recycling programs are designed for larger quantities of waste such as pallets or truckloads shipped on a regular basis. Customers that benefit from our large quantity services include those re-lamping or retrofitting a facility, large quantity generators, national retailers and environmental brokers.

  • Packaging - We provide our customers with a variety of packaging including boxes for all sizes of lamps, cubic yard boxes, 55 gal drums, poly pails and even drop trailers to store your waste materials. Depending upon your needs, we can ship the materials to your location, deliver the materials during your next pickup or deliver supplies to your project site. We offer our customers safe packaging and guidelines to ensure your materials are packaged for safe and compliant shipment to our facility for recycling.
  • Transportation - We transport waste every day. Whether it's hazardous or non-hazardous, procedures are followed to ensure your materials are delivered in a safe and timely manner. From less-than-truckloads (LTL) to full trailers, we help customers cost-effectively move materials from the source of generation to processing.  Veolia operates 36 10-day in-transit facilities complimented by a fleet of company-owned van trailers, flat beds, and tractor trailers and supported by a detailed audited and approved network of third-party transporters. Whatever waste you generate, we can help transport it.
  • Wastes we Recycle - Veolia provides a full range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste services. Our electronics recycling division manages and processes a variety of materials generated from just about every market sector. 


• Straight fluorescent

• Compacts (CFL), u-shape and circular

• High intensity discharge (HID)

• Neon

• Shatterproof


• Other specialty types

Lamp ballast

• Fluorescent

• Metal halide

• HI pressure sodium

• LO pressure sodium


• Electronic HID


• Non-PCB


Mercury waste

• Fluorescent and HID lamps

• Electrical devices

• Precision instruments

• Medical apparatus

• Mercury compounds

• Dental amalgam

• Debris

• Contaminated soil


• Monitors/cathode ray tubes (CRTs)

• Personal computers

• Components and peripherals

• Printer/fax/copiers

• Mainframes and servers

• Consumer electronics

• Telephone systems

• Office and medical equipment

• Generators, wire and motors


• Alkaline

• Damaged Lithium

• Lead acid

• Lithium

• Lithium ion

• Mercury

• Nickel-cadmium

• Nickel metal hydride

• Silver

• Zinc carbon

Electrical equipment

• Transformers

• Regulators

• Capacitors

• Circuit breakers

• Re-closers

• Switch gear

• Bushings

• Arrestors

• Wire, cable and oil

Exit signs

• Tritium

Smoke detectors

• Ionization

• Photoelectric

Specialty medical devices

• Anesthesia Units

• Autoclave

• Blood Analyzer

• Cast System

• Centrifuge

• Concentrator

• Defibrillator

• Dialysis Unit

• Drying Oven

• Electrocardiograph

• Endoscope

• Freeze Dryer 

• Gas Chromatograph

• Goinometer

• Glucose Meter

• Incubator

• IV Pump

• Microscontroller

• Microscope

 • Na+/K+analyzer

• Ophthalmoscope 

• Otoscope

• Oxygen Monitor

• PH Meter 

• Pulse Oximeter

• Sample Oxidizer

• Shaker

• Spectrometer

• Ultrasonic Cleaner

 • Ultrasound Equipment

• UV Transilluminator

• UV Disinfection System 

• UV Meter 

• UV Spectrophotometer

• Water Test Kit

• Vitals Monitor

Aerosol cans

• All types of aerosol cans

Pharmaceutical waste



How and why, at a glance

Our large quantity recycling programs are designed for larger quantities of waste such as pallets or truckloads.

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