LED Lighting Impacted By Potential New Tariffs


Following last week’s trade negotiations with China, President Donald Trump announced that he will impose an additional 10% tariff on $300 billion in Chinese imports that are not already taxed. The new tariff will begin on September 1.

tED magazine and “lightED” found the list of products that will face the additional tariff, and it does include more LED products.

The new list includes “Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes”, “Electrical lighting equipment of a kind used on bicycles”, and “flashlights”.

Other new items on the new tariff list include “Electrical filament lamps of a power not exceeding 200 W and for a voltage exceeding 100 V nesoi, excluding ultraviolet and infrared lamps”, “Electrical filament lamps, voltage not exceeding 100 V, having glass envelopes n/o6.35 mm in diameter, suitable in surgical instruments”, “Electrical filament lamps nesoi, designed for a voltage not exceeding 100 V,excluding ultraviolet and infrared lamps”, and “Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps”.

All of those items are currently not being imported with the additional tax.

tED magazine and “lightED” previously reported other LED items currently on a tariff list from China. Those items will not be assessed an additional 10% tariff on September 1.

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