Veolia Expands its Hazardous Waste Capabilities

Veolia continues to help industries and communities by properly treating, managing and disposing of the more difficult waste streams that could otherwise pose a threat to our health and the environment. Our latest addition to this mission is our acquisition of Alcoa USA Corporation’s subsidiary, Elemental Environmental Solutions LLC (EES), site in Gum Springs, Arkansas.

The facility currently treats spent potliner, a hazardous waste byproduct of the electrolytic process that separates elemental aluminum from aluminum oxide. The demand for SPL treatment has declined significantly over time with the decrease of aluminum smelting activities in North America. The incinerator and landfill on site are permitted for the treatment and disposal of nearly all categories of liquid and solid hazardous wastes. The Gum Springs site will remain a key service provider to Alcoa via a treatment services contract for the SPL from Alcoa’s aluminum production facilities.

Given the unique permit and history as a facility built to treat aluminum production byproducts, our Gum Springs incineration facility can offer customers circular solutions for certain wastes.  Aqueous solvent waste can be managed as energy recovery, non-hazardous aqueous waste can be used in treating combustion byproducts and material with properties similar to lime and sand can be received as raw material.  This designation removes waste out of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) designation and captures the inherent value of the material.

In North America, Veolia's hazardous waste operations support industries from pharmaceutical to petrochemical and others ranging from defense, healthcare, universities and local governments. This latest addition to our operations will allow the company to expand services to these and other customers, while protecting the environment, preserving resources and helping build a truly circular economy.

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