Capital Briefs: Tax Incentives Sought For Renewable Energy

Tax incentives sought for renewable energy
Bill 104 would provide tax incentives for renewable energy projects and also changes provisions relating to sales and use tax increases under the Local Option Revenue Act. The projects include the production of electricity by wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass and transmutation of elements. Signed by the state's governor June 5.

New containers added to Hawaii bottle bill
Senate Bill 1133 would include energy and dietary supplement beverage containers in the deposit beverage container program. The state has a 5-cent bottle bill. Signed by the state's governor June 27.

Infectious waste packaging discussed
The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has proposed amended rules to allow certain parties the opportunity to propose alternative packaging methods for infectious waste. The alternative packing methods must be in compliance with applicable federal Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. The proposal also allows infectious waste package labeling to be consistent with federal DOT requirements. Proposed July 1.

Bottle handling fee changed in Mass.
A proposal from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs would change the handling fee in the state's bottle bill for bottles from 2.25 cents per beverage container to 3.25 cents per beverage container. The state has a 5-cent bottle bill. Rule adopted July 5.

Rules on recycling certain items changed
The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is proposing to amend rules relating to reclaiming or recycling refrigerant from mobile air conditioners, and various minor and technical rule changes. Comment deadline Aug. 21.

Notification changes made to salvage cars
The Department of Revenue and Division of Motor Vehicles proposed to establish criteria for the notification to the department upon a motor vehicle or vehicle being sold or disposed of as salvage. Rule adopted June 5 and effective July 30.

Bill would encourage recycling in New Jersey
New Jersey:
Senate Resolution 117 urges the state and businesses in the state to facilitate and encourage recycling of plastic products. Filed June 27.

Garbage trucks added to transportation law
House Bill 1273 would amend the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues to include solid waste collection vehicles in the rules of the road portion. The bill also adds definitions for the offense of homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault by vehicle, and defines use and display of illuminated signs in lighting equipment. Introduced July 10 and sent to the House Transportation committee.

Disposal facilities added to definition
North Carolina:
House Bill 629 would amend the definition of a special purpose project to include agricultural and forestry waste disposal facilities. The bill also includes facilities for handling and transporting products of treatment and recycling. Signed by the state's governor June 19.

Bill would declare intent to change law
Assembly Bill 1222 would declare the intent of the Legislature to enact subsequent statutory changes to the Department of Toxic Substance's hazardous waste fee system that would streamline the system, harmonize the department's program objectives and fees, and to align hazardous waste fees with the actual regulatory costs associated with managing hazardous waste and used oil. Re-referred to the Senate committee on rules June 27.

Bill would attempt to save natural resources
House Bill 17 would prohibit the mining or taking of sand, dead coral or coral rubble, rocks, soil, or other marine deposits seaward from the shoreline. The bill allows for the exercise of cultural practices. Signed by the state's governor June 14.

Thrill craft could be used in cleanup
Senate Bill 319 would allow thrill craft, including jet skis and other recreational vehicles, to be used to conduct ocean cleanup activities. The bill would require the Department of Land and Natural Resources to adopt rules to implement the use of thrill craft. Signed by the state's governor June 14.

Fees on landfill owners changed in Michigan
House Bill 4666 makes changes related to fees on landfill owners or operators for hazardous waste disposal and certain refunds to hazardous waste generators. Passed and signed by the state's governor June 25.

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