Veolia Expands its Industrial Regeneration Activities

Veolia has finalized an agreement with Chemours to purchase the assets of its Sulfur Products division as a tuck-in to Veolia North America's Industrial Business. This purchase strengthens Veolia's industrial regeneration business in the United States.  

What is the Sulfur Products division? 
The business provides spent sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) and sulfur gas recovery (SGR) to the downstream oil and gas industry, and delivers sulfur-based acids to a diversified group of industrial customers. Veolia’s asset purchase agreement includes 7 operating locations across the U.S.; corporate and functional support teams; and the Acid Technology Center, a dedicated team of engineers who exclusively support the Sulfur Products business. 

Why did Veolia buy these assets? 
“This is an exciting investment in growth,” said Veolia North America CEO William J. “Bill” DiCroce. “Chemours Sulfur Products division is an excellent complement to Veolia North America’s existing business and will reinforce our recovery and regeneration capabilities.”

“It provides Veolia with a highly-differentiated services offering to allow us to move up the value chain with existing refinery customers, along with an opportunity to cross-sell our existing offerings to a new customer base.”
Veolia's current services portfolio includes a recycling process that produces potassium hydroxide (KOH), which refiners use with HF Alkylation units, in connection with producing gasoline. 

Another example of Resourcing the World 
Veolia is actively contributing to the Circular Economy by developing access to resources, preserving available resources and replenishing them. Sulfur is one of the world’s most widely used resources. This purchase advances Veolia’s belief in ‘Resourcing the World,” by providing beneficial reuse solutions for two high-value refinery waste streams, sulfuric acid and sulfur gas.  

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