Phoenix Sees the Light: City Begins Replacing All Street Lights With LED Bulbs
By: Emily Holbrook

Phoenix has officially begun its city-wide initiative to replace all 90,000 street lights — plus lighting at its park facilities — with LED bulbs.

According to, by replacing all existing street lights with LED bulbs, the city expects to achieve a total net savings of approximately $22 million through 2030.

The overall objectives associated with this initiative include:

  • Converting all street lights to LED technology
  • Reducing energy consumption and annual costs of street lights
  • Optimizing benefits of the program
  • Minimizing future costs to maintain and replace the converted street lights
  • Obtaining accurate GIS data for luminaires with GPS technology

According to, the city began testing energy efficient streetlights in 2007 throughout various locations. And in 2013 the city adopted LED street lights as the new standard for all public roadway lighting.

Other municipalities have also switched to LED lighting for various facilities. Officials at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, made the choice to install new LED lighting in the facility’s parking garage. Though the garage was already outfitted with LED lights, the new and improved bulbs are expected to cut energy costs for the cultural center by 75%.

And in California, Renewable Energy and Power, Inc. replaced old high intensity discharge (HID) lighting throughout the exterior areas of a condominium complex with LED lighting and witnessed an 80% reduction in energy costs just one month after installation.

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