New Product Announcement: Recycling for LED Lamps!

Veolia’s mail-back RecyclePak® program is proud to announce the development of a national prepaid program for the responsible recycling of LED light bulbs. 

Do LEDs Need to be Recycled?
Even though LEDs are an environmentally friendly lighting solution to use because they don't contain mercury, they are still known to contain significant levels of lead, nickel, arsenic, and copper. In fact, a University of California study found that LED lights contain toxic metals, and should be produced, used and disposed of carefully as a hazardous waste. Click here to learn more about the study. 

At the present time, LEDs are not classified as toxic and may be disposed of in most regular landfills. With this study in mind and the requests from our Lamp Manufacturer Partners, Distributors, Contractors and Local Communities, we are taking a proactive step in anticipation of future laws and regulations that will require LED lamps to be recycled. 

Available Containers
Supply-360- 4ft LED Lamp Recycling Box
Dimensions: 6"x6"x48"
Capacity: 39 T8 / 62 T5 / 78 T4 or 156 T2 4ft straight LED lamps

Supply-374- Extra Small LED Lamp Recycling Box
Dimensions: 9"x6"x10"
Capacity: Holds 2-4 small LED lamps 

Supply-361- Small LED Lamp Recycling Box
Dimensions: 18"x12"x6"
Capacity: Holds 64 6W / 69 8W or 45 12W small LED lamps

Supply-362- Medium LED Lamp Recycling Box
Dimensions: 18"x18"x12"
Capacity: Holds 191 6W / 207 8W or 135 12W small LED lamps

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