Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill Vetoed By Gov. Christie

Lawmakers have reintroduced an e-scrap bill that was vetoed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie last month.

The bill overhauls the state's troubled e-scrap program by changing the way manufacturers' recycling obligations are calculated under the state's extended producer responsibility law. It also adds computer printers and fax machines to the list of covered electronics.

Christie pocket vetoed the legislation in January during the last legislative session. On Feb. 4, legislators reintroduced the same bill in the Senate and Assembly. The new bill is S981 in the Senate and A2375 in the Assembly.

In New Jersey, electronics manufacturers have achieved their recycling targets before the end of the year and stopped paying recycling companies to handle material. That has left cities and counties with the choice of either halting collections or using public funds to send material downstream.

Marie Kruzan, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Recyclers, previously told E-Scrap News the electronics companies are focusing collections in urban areas while rural areas are experiencing a lack of drop-off opportunities.

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