Capital Briefs: EPR Rules Finalized for Mercury Lights

Solid waste districts could be eliminated

Missouri: Senate Bill 13 would eliminate solid waste management districts and reduce landfill tipping fees by the amount previously used by the district for overhead and administration. Prefiled Dec. 1.

CNG grants to be available under bill

New Jersey: Assembly Bill 3551 would allow the owner of a diesel solid waste vehicle, in lieu of completing the retrofitting for control of particulate matter pollution, to convert the vehicle to one that is powered by compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas or electricity instead of diesel fuel. The Department of Environmental Protection is also required to provide grants for conversions. Introduced Nov. 30.


License plate could promote recycling

New York: Senate Bill 288 would establish a distinctive "New York recycles" license plate with the proceeds deposited into an account designed for environmental protection. Prefiled and sent to a committee on transportation on Dec. 5.

Superfund assistance proposed in Senate
United States: Senate Bill 3649 would amend the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 to provide assistance for natural disaster response at superfund sites. Introduced and sent to a committee on the environment and public works on Nov. 29.

Bill: Plastic-to-oil is recycling in Oregon

Oregon: Draft 1069 would provide that the conversion of waste plastics to oil using pyrolysis is considered recycling under state rules. Filed Dec. 10.

Montana considers number of bills
Montana: A number of draft bills will impact solid waste and sustainability. Draft Bill 1096 would require municipalities to charge non-discriminatory rates for garbage services; Draft Bill 1495 would authorize immunity from lawsuit for operators of public waste disposal facilities; Draft Bill 1540 would study the consequence of adopting green school standards; and Draft Bill 1632 would revise hazardous waste cleanup laws. All draft bills have been requested for lawmakers to debate in 2013.

Meth remediation plans proposed
New Jersey: Assembly Bill 3543 would require adoption of procedures and standards for remediation of residential property used for illegal methamphetamine manufacturing. The bill would also require notice to the buyer of the property as well. Introduced and sent to a committee on the environment and solid waste on Dec. 6.

Certain spills not included under act
New Jersey: Assembly Bill 3550 clarifies that domestic, commercial or industrial wastewater, sewage or sewage sludge expelled from a public sewer system or a public sewage treatment plant does not constitute a hazardous substance under the Spill Compensation and Control Act. Introduced and sent to a committee on the environment and solid waste on Dec. 3.

Fracturing waste not allowed near NYC
New York: Assembly Bill 37 would prohibit the transportation of hydraulic fracturing fluids and waste for any purpose within 25 miles of New York City. Prefiled Dec. 7 and sent to a committee on environmental conservation.

No transfer stations near schools under bill
New York: Senate Bill 408 would prohibit radioactive or hazardous waste disposal, or transfer stations from being sited within 1,500 feet of school property. Prefiled Dec. 10 and sent to a committee on environmental conservation.

Cigarette recycling program considered
New York: Senate Bill 650 would establish a cigarette butt recycling program. Prefiled Dec. 12.

Cigarette litterbugs could be prosecuted
House Bill 1367 would include cigarettes on the list of items deemed to be litter for the purposes of criminal punishment for improper disposal of trash. The bill also allows for a judge, in lieu of a fine, to order the defendant to perform community service in litter abatement activities. Prefiled Dec. 6.



EPR rules finalized for mercury lights

Washington: The Department of Ecology established rules to implement the Mercury-Containing Lights Product Stewardship program. The rule was needed to clarify the product stewardship program requirements and funding structure. The ruling establishes the enforcement process and how producers will fully fund the program. Rule effective Dec. 17.

Definition changed for landfill disposal
Oklahoma: The Department of Environmental Quality amended rules to remove the phrase "roofing material recycling facilities and used tire recycling facilities" from the definition

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