R2 Solutions Releases Guidance Document


R2 Solutions and Greeneye Partners have released a new guidance document intended to help companies conform to the new R2:2013 standard.

The 58-page guidance document provides best practices on how facilities can implement the principles described in the R2:2013 certification, as well as clarifications and standard interpretations of the language in the certification. For example, the guidance document specifically states that R2 certification is facility-specific, a mention that is a direct response to the growing concern that some processors obtain R2 certification at one facility and claim to be an "R2 processor" while their other processing facilities do not meet the standards of the certification.

Additionally, the guidance document suggests ways to ensure conformance with the R2 requirement that facilities demonstrate a hierarchy of responsible management strategies. The document advises processors to include a detailed flow chart with their written environmental health and safety policy, which clearly shows how material will be handled at various stages by downstream vendors.

Other topics covered in the document include focus materials, reuse, and how the R2 certification relates to laws governing electronic scrap, worker safety, and other areas. The complete R2:2013 Guidance Document can be viewed here.

*For more information go to http://resource-recycling.com

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