EPA Toughens up CRT Export Reporting

By: Bobby Elliott

The U.S. EPA has finalized a rule that will require exporters of CRT devices to file more frequent, detailed and accurate shipment information with the federal agency.

"The Agency has realized the necessity of obtaining additional information on the export of these materials," the ruling reads in part. The rule change updates the oft-referenced CRT rule of 2006.

Defining "exporter"
Perhaps the largest change lies in the definition of a CRT exporter. The new rule defines exporter as both the entity that directly sends material overseas and "any intermediary in the United States arranging for such export." Both exporters and intermediaries "may be held jointly responsible" for any violations with regard to the export of CRTs — previously, only exporters could be held accountable for any potential missteps.

In response to concerns that the definition of an intermediary may include collectors of CRTs who have no involvement in export activity, the agency states: "EPA disagrees with the commenters that argued the definition of 'CRT exporter' was too broad and may encompass entities that do not have knowledge of the export."

Exports for recycling
Exporters of CRTs sent for recycling will now be required to submit a new annual report "no later than March 1 of each year … summarizing the quantities, frequency of shipment and ultimate destination(s) … of all used CRTs exported for recycling during the previous calendar year," the rule reads. By collecting annual data, the EPA hopes to be able to better track shipments of material overseas and ensure recycling — not dumping — is taking place as advertised.

In the past, exporters were only required to submit limited annual data and one-time notices with the EPA at least two months before an anticipated shipment.

Exports for reuse
Alongside annual reports, exporters of CRTs for reuse will be required to submit more detailed, one-time notices outlining "exports for reuse expected over a 12-month period" as well as information regarding where they will be headed and how they will be reused. "Some CRTs that are exported for reuse are actually disassembled and recycled under unsafe conditions," the rule notes.

Previously, exporters of CRTs for reuse needed only to submit basic contact information with the EPA before sending material out of the country

The rule was signed by EPA head Gina McCarthy on June 18. It will go into effect in early 2015.

*For more information go to http://resource-recycling.com

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