Operational Excellence Program with New York City Produces $98 Million in Annually Recurring Financial Benefits; Helps Stabilize Rates for Nine Million New Yorkers


The New York City Department of Environmental Protection recently received approval for a FY 2016 rate increase of 2.97% - the lowest increase in 15 years - due in part to a Peer Performance Solutions partnership between DEP and Veolia North America.  Since the beginning of the program, called Operational Excellence (OpX), DEP and Veolia have implemented more than 80 initiatives in water and wastewater treatment, metering, and procurement that are resulting in an annual recurring cash benefit of $98 million.

Started in 2011, managers and front-line employees of DEP and Veolia have worked together to help the agency improve the operation and maintenance of the city’s water and wastewater systems and achieve the goals in DEP’s strategic plan.  The OpX program identified key areas for improvement based on five key themes: efficient and sustainable use of resources and materials; enhanced workforce effectiveness; improved revenue collection; development of a metrics-based performance culture; and strengthening DEP’s support services.

“Water and wastewater employees are often the quiet heroes in a community, delivering public services that are vital to the community, economy, public health, and the environment,” said William J. DiCroce, president and COO of Veolia North America’s Municipal & Commercial Business.  “We’re very proud to be part of this ongoing partnership and to supplement DEP’s many programs to ensure excellent, cost-effective services.”  

In addition to New York City, Veolia is applying similar PPS approaches in Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Washington, D.C., Akron, Ohio, and DeKalb County, Ga. In the New York area, Veolia also supports the Department of Sanitation’s SAFE (Solvents, Automotive, Flammables, and Electronics) Disposal Events,  and through SourceOne, Veolia’s energy consulting business, helps the city and building owners reduce energy consumption through sustainable, reliable and cost effective energy solutions including smart building software and metering tools.

*For more information go to http://www.veolianorthamerica.com

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