2016 CSR Report Highlights Community Impact and Investment


At Veolia North America, our vision is to solve complex challenges in water, waste and energy in order to shape a more sustainable world. We are working toward this vision through our corporate commitment to sustainability.

The Veolia North America 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report details our commitment to sustainable development. Our work includes recycling light bulbs, cleaning wastewater, producing green energy, recovering sulfur for beneficial reuse and more. This work supports protecting and preserving natural resources, while generating positive economic benefits for customers and communities. Beyond the day-to-day, we also directly invest in the communities where we work through educational, volunteer and development opportunities.

Whether we are diverting waste from landfills on behalf of the Ford Motor Co., protecting the health of the Charles River in Boston or building the workforce of tomorrow through STEM internships, our employees are shaping a more sustainable world. Click here to read the report and learn more.

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