Everything You Need to Know About e-Manifest Waste Tracking


Businesses in many industries generate hazardous waste. From spent solvent and ink, to treatment residuals and spent acid, all of this waste is regulated and monitored by the EPA. Much of the hazardous waste that companies produce needs to be transported over long distances to locations where it can be safely disposed of or repurposed and regenerated for further use.

Throughout the entire life cycle of hazardous waste, it needs to be tracked, so the EPA or other regulatory agencies can determine where it came from and where it’s going. Following waste from cradle to grave helps avoid incorrect disposal, negligence, and negative environmental impacts. Until only a few years ago, all of this tracking was handled via paper manifests. As you can imagine, that process took up a lot of time, labor, and trees.

To improve hazardous waste tracking and help ensure compliance, the EPA introduced the e-Manifest system to track hazardous waste in 2018.

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