Capital Briefs: Prescription Drug Disposal Program Proposed

Prescription drug program proposed
New Hampshire:
Senate Bill 44 would amend the procedure for disposal of controlled drugs in the possession of a law enforcement officer and makes the Department of Justice responsible for adopting rules for the pharmaceutical drug take-back program. Committee amendment adopted by the House April 24.

Bill: No fees until waste is collected
House Bill 146 would prohibit the Department of Environmental Quality from collecting annual license fees for a solid waste facility until the facility actually receives solid waste. Enacted April 19.

Adjustment to fees proposed in N.C.
North Carolina:
House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 380 make adjustments to the fee schedule for permits for sanitary landfills and transfer stations to reflect extension of the duration of these permits. Passed the House April 18.

Fee proposed for retread tires
House Bill 4514 would impose a fee for recycling and cleanup for sales of retread tires. Introduced April 9.

Proof needed for plastic bulk containers
Senate Bill 75 would require a record of sale and proof of ownership for the sales of plastic bulk merchandise containers in the business of recycling, shredding or destroying plastic bulk merchandise containers. Enacted April 5.

Hurdle proposed for new transfer stations
House Bill 3424 requires that no permit for a transfer station shall be approved before an applicant has prepared and submitted an environmental impact report. Introduced April 17.

Waste haulers exempted from bill
Senate Bill 654 would allow owners of containers used for the storage or transport of agricultural or other commercial products to brand or distinguish ownership of the containers. The bill would also authorize owners of plastic bulk merchandise containers to bring a civil action for damages from a person who violates the law. The law provides exemptions for licensed waste haulers and charitable organizations. Failed in the Senate April 25.

Recycling tax credits proposed in Arkansas
Senate Bill 820 would authorize economic development incentives and the issuance of general obligation bonds in connection with the Big River Steel Mill project. The bill would allow for recycling tax credits and gross receipts tax exemption for sales of natural gas and electricity to qualified steel manufacturers. It also allows for a recycling equipment tax, among other tax exemptions. Signed by the governor April 11.

Haz waste burning prohibitions modified
Senate Bill 33 would modify prohibitions on burning hazardous wastes as fuel to conform with air quality requirements and requires permit modifications. Enacted April 8.

Tire recycling funds to be used in Calif.
Assembly Bill 513 would establish the Rubberized Asphalt Concrete Market Development Act, which would require the awarding of grants for certain public agency projects that utilize rubberized asphalt concrete. The bill would also require the annual expenditure of a specified amount of funds from the tire recycling program. The bill would require the grants to pay a specified price for every 12 pounds of crumb rubber used in a paving project by a public agency. Re-referred to a committee on appropriations on April 23.

Hazards to be known before construction
Senate Bill 334 requires certain activities to determine and eliminate environmental hazards before building or acquiring a site for a school. Introduced April 30 and sent to a committee on education.

Maine looks to enhance WTE facilities
Senate Bill 545 aims to assist in the stabilization of the statutorily established solid waste management hierarchy, to promote and strengthen the waste management system in the state and to enhance the continued operation of the existing waste-to-energy facilities in the state. The bill directs the Department of Environmental Protection to impose on each licensed landfill a solid waste stabilization assessment of all solid waste. Introduced April 29.

Photos of waste violations wanted
New York:
Senate Bill 4889 would require that a photograph be take for every municipal sanitation violation. Introduced April 30 and sent to a committee on local government.

Reports wanted for salvaged cars in Colo.
The Department of Revenue proposed establishing criteria for the notification of the Division of Motor Vehicles upon the disposal of the vehicle as salvage. Proposed April 23.

Students to discuss recycling, pollution
The Department of Education has proposed the introduction of agriscience curriculum for students to include discussion of the impact recycling, pollution and overpopulation have on the environment. Adopted April 23.

Wastewater rules proposed for N.H.
New Hampshire:
The Department of Environmental Services has proposed to establish the Industrial Pretreatment Program for wastewater, which implements requirements for owners of publicly owned wastewater treatment plants to have and enforce sewer use ordinance and no required permits for certain discharges of industrial wastewater. Proposed April 25.

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