60% of Retailers Consider Energy Management a Top Priority

By: Linda Hardesty


Ecova dug deeper into its “2015 Energy and Sustainability Prediction,” report based on survey results from late 2014, and looked at the retail vertical. Ecova found that 60 percent of retail respondents consider strategic energy and sustainability management plans to be their top priority in 2015.

Many retailers have implemented early ad-hoc energy efficiency measures but are now showing the desire to focus on long-term energy and sustainability strategies and capital investments that will result in a sustained impact. The early success from the low-to-no-cost initiatives is instrumental in laying groundwork for these long-term strategies and obtaining executive buy-in.

Other findings include:

  • Retail is the leading industry for energy efficiency improvements; 44 percent of retailers indicated that lighting was the smartest energy and sustainability investment they made in 2014, compared to an average of 28 percent of respondents from all industries.
  • 57 percent of retail respondents stated their organizations have implemented some form of energy management system or building management system to collect real-time energy data.
  • Limited budgets are the main challenge – nearly half of retailers expect that resources spent on energy and sustainability management will remain the same in 2015 compared to 2014.

*For more information go to http://www.energymanagertoday.com

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