Utah Firm on the Run, Electronics Left Behind


The Basel Action Network released a report stating that the leader of an embattled Utah recycling firm has abandoned several thousand tons of electronics in need of processing.

In a update to the group's prior reporting on Stone Castle Recycling, BAN officials write that Stone Castle's owner, Anthony Stoddard, "has simply disappeared and is now being actively pursued by law enforcement authorities."

As a result, some 7,600 tons of electronics and "charred residues" have been abandoned at the company's three Utah sites, all of which experienced recent fires that were investigated as possible instances of arson.  Those investigations were inconclusive.

Utah environmental officials did not return a request for comment on the BAN report or the state of Stone Castle's operations.

Earlier in the year, E-Scrap News reported regulators were ramping up their efforts to force Stone Castle to recycle stockpiled electronics, including CRTs.  At the time, Anthony Stoddard told E-Scrap News that "all the issues have been addressed."

*For more information go to http://resource-recycling.com

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