Veolia Now Makes Recycling Easy for Lead Aprons

Veolia is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its new ReturnPak product for the recycling of lead aprons.

“The release of this lead apron recycling container accelerates our strategy to increase our product offerings to add more value to our customers and partners.” noted Scott Thibodeau, Business Development Manager of Electronics Recycling Division for Veolia. Once you receive one of our kits, simply follow the instructions to fill, seal and ship the box using the prepaid return shipping label. Your container of lead aprons is then shipped via FedEx Ground to a Veolia facility for processing. The weight, quantity and processing of each container is documented and certificates of recycling are generated and made available online.”

About Lead Aprons
Lead aprons are often used in hospitals, dental offices and other settings where X-rays are taken. Lead aprons protect us from dangerous X-rays.

Why Recycle
Lead aprons must not be disposed of as normal trash. The aprons are made with lead and can contaminate the soil in a landfill, posing a health hazard. Lead is very dangerous when handled incorrectly.

How to Recycle
If you are already using Veolia’s products and services, just ask your Service Representative who you are currently working with about the Lead Apron Recycling Program. If you are new to Veolia, call (888) 669-9725 for help.

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