Plainville to Offer WiFi From LED Streetlights

The town of Plainville in Connecticut has installed 1,400 new LED street lights. Some of the new streetlights will also act as WiFi hubs, according to NBC Connecticut The town will reportedly be the first in Connecticut to offer a WiFi signal from its streetlights.

Plainville spent over $360,000 on the streetlight upgrade. City officials expect savings of almost $70,000 per year on electricity alone and anticipate additional savings from the reduced need for maintenance and revamping.

Some 123 of the new LED streetlights will offer WiFi. Of the 123, 25 will serve as WiFi access points, and the remaining 98 will extend the signal to provide coverage all over downtown. The access points will grab the 10mbps WiFi signal transmitted from the municipal building.

One idea that city officials put forth is to offer ad space on the city’s WiFi login page to help pay for the WiFi maintenance which is expected to cost about $10,000 per year. The town plans to begin offering the new Wi-Fi signal downtown in about a month.

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