It’s Official: Tariffs To Impact Lighting

On Tuesday, September 18, the Trump Administration approved an additional $200 billion in new tariffs against a long and varied list of products imported from China.  In exchange, China warned the U.S. about $60 billion of their own new tariffs.  President Trump responded by saying if China adds the $60 billion in tariffs, a new tariff target list would include $267 billion in Chinese imports.

The $200 billion in tariffs are set to begin on Monday, September 24 with a 10% increase.  That will be followed by a 25% increase on imported Chinese goods on the list on January 1, 2019.

On the current list are 10 LED related products, from lighting sets used on Christmas trees to parts for lamps and lighting fixtures.

A number of major lighting manufacturers have already announced price increases because of the tariffs on components or lighting imported from China.

The new tariff list includes:

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