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United States: Veolia Sells Its District Energy Assets to Antin Infrastructure Partners

Posted 08-27-2019

Veolia regularly reviews its asset portfolio in the light of its strategy and development plan. More »

LED Lighting Impacted By Potential New Tariffs

Posted 08-27-2019

Following last week’s trade negotiations with China, President Donald Trump announced that he will impose an additional 10% tariff on $300 billion in Chinese imports that are not already taxed. The new tariff will begin on September 1. More »

Global Economic Woes Affect E-Scrap Metal Markets

Posted 08-27-2019

A slowing global economy and rising fears over trade wars have produced steep changes in the value of scrap metals in obsolete electronics. Some prices have risen handsomely while others have fallen sharply. More »

E-Waste Recycling Legislation Rules 25 States

Posted 08-27-2019

Anyone with even a casual understanding of the technology marketplace recognizes that change is constantly afoot. And because of this rate of change and advancement, e-waste handling and disposal has become a significant concern, resulting in various states establishing key legislation for the proper handling of electronics. More »
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